Video GIF Process

To get your video GIFs, you need a high quality video with a solid color in the background. For best results, film the video in front of a green screen. If you don’t have access to a green screen, a bed sheet or solid colored wall works as well.

After receiving the video, you will receive your GIFs via email within 1 week. For your GIFs to be available on instagram, tiktok, and snapchat, upload them to and apply for a brand account. You’ll need a minimum of 5 GIFs to apply for a brand account.

Some helpful tips:

  • Make sure the subject’s hands and face are in frame for the entire video
  • Don’t wear the same color as the background
  • Use the highest resolution and frame rate possible
    • DSL camera’s are recommended but smart phones with high quality camera’s will work (for iPhones use 60fps and 1080p)
  • Branded clothes are a great way to get more brand awareness from your GIF