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Remember the nerves of your first open house? Double-checking every detail while nervously waiting to see who will arrive. That's how writing this email feels. Is anyone going to read this? Will they know I'm using ChatGPT to sound intelligent?


To be honest, I've never hosted an open house. My background is in building software products. Making GIFs is my escape plan from the cooperate world. I also believe GIFs are the future of digital advertising...but I'll dive deeper into that topic in a future email.

In this email, I need your help. What kind of real estate GIF would you like to see? I'll be creating an exclusive GIF based on your suggestions!

Would you like a GIF to...
  • Promote an open house
  • Share a new listing
  • Highlight a property's best features
  • Or maybe something else?

I'll be giving away this new GIF design to one lucky email subscriber! To be eligible, simply respond to this email with a GIF suggestion you'd like to see.

In the next email, I'll share some design concepts based on your suggestions. Stay tuned...

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